APERITIF - All You Can Eat

Aperitif: the most awaited moment of the day!
Our aperitif is constantly renewed, refilling the long table with different dishes until you have eaten to your heart's content. We have pasta, rice, grains, rustic cakes, chicken wings, fries, foccacie, vegetables, cheese, panzanella salad, and a team of professionals ready to satisfy your drink needs.
Choose what to drink from our drink list, and we will bring it directly to the table as many times as you want. We have the best aperitif buffet in Rome: so many options to satisfy any palate and accompany your favorite drink. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, mixed drinks, smoothies, Champagne, or one our our cocktails that recaptures 90s style London mixes. There is no shortage of classics either, from spritz to negroni.

Date: Every day
Time: from 18:30 to 20:30
Price: 10 €, 1 drink + buffet
Info & Reservations: +39  06 97614438
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