Different Experiences from Different Parts of the World

Our cellar hosts 392 wines from 94 different providers, arriving from eight countries. We keep an eye on our home territory of Lazio, from which our cellar collects a very wide selection of wines. This is also why we remain a benchmark for all the producers in this area. Half of our collection is made up of Italian wines and fizzy water, but to complete our wine mastery,we also have many Champagnes coming from small, independent winemakers. There is no shortage of large French chateaux, born of the most prestigious wine labels coming from overseas lands such as Argentina, Australia, California, Chile, Israel, Austria and Germany.

Major Wines Brought to Your Glass

Our wine bar menu contains 24 brands, including Italian and French fizzy water, white wines, rosé wines and red wines. Our selection changes every month in order to always offer variety and freshness. With the latest and greatest new products, our bar is enriched by wines that are truly celebrated in the global oenology world and brought to your wine glass using a Coravin.

The Coravin system allows you to pour and taste a glass of wine from any bottle at any moment. It is the best tool for protecting wine from oxidation. Thanks to Coravin patented technology, you can pour wine without having to uncork the bottle.

Info & Reservations: +39 06 97614438
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