There's Always a Reason to Go to Piccadilly Roma.

Piccadilly Roma is an exclusive environment for drinking, eating and talking. This is thanks to our traditions, which are shielded from international influence. Here, between the St. John Lateran Basilica and the Piazza dei Re di Roma, we prepare dishes and cocktails while promoting our personal goal based on freshness, Mediterranean traditions and the flavors of Italy's wonderful culinary arts.

All of this can be found in our splendid outdoor area on Via Appia Nuova.

Our Philosophy

The restaurant, coffee shop, lounge, and cocktail bar are the main pieces that comprise the Piccadilly puzzle.
Our locale is open from Monday to Sunday from 07:30 in the morning to 2:00 late at night. We espouse a spirit that is thoroughly multipurpose, multifunctional and above all, cheerful and friendly.

A Venue for Any Need

A breakfast made from homemade sweets, a quick lunch with an à-la-carte menu, and last but not least, cocktails, from buffet aperitifs until late in the evening. The private room at our locale hosts a space dedicated to events with everything you can desire--both open to the public or private. Finally, we have our outside area where you can dine outdoors, surrounded by greenery and far from city traffic. There are so many different reservations for different times of day; you can eat, drink, chat, read, take part in events or have meetings.
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Info and reservations: +39 06 97614438.
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