Tradition and Innovation

The true spirit of Piccadilly is our tradition of Italian cuisine, with our artisan pastas, top-choice oil, locally-raised meat, quality vegetables, and Campanian buffalo mozzarella arriving freshly every day. Let's not forget the products from the Banco della Gastronomia, including prosciutto, salami and high-quality Italian cheeses. We also have foreign products including Label Rouge Scottish salmon, Cantabrian anchovies and oysters.


Quality dining with fast service and contained costs. Our recipes are simple and authentic, handed down from our mothers according to tradition but presented in a contemporary setting.
Lunch Menu


We espouse commitment, passion and dedication to finding local products, which are chosen with respect to the season and to their freshness. This guarantees our guests with constant variation in the menu items.

Near the St. John Lateran Basilica, we have combined the best flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, the elements of style, and Italian fashion and beauty--all into a corner of paradise.
Info & Reservations: +39 06 97614438.
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